Worng Electronics

Sound Stage


SoundStage is a stereo mixer module unlike any other. Completely reimagining what a mixer needs to be in a Eurorack system, SoundStage helps you build your mix just by patching your voices in.

Inputs are placed in the stereo field depending on their horizontal patch position left to right, and placed in the frequency spectrum depending on vertical patch position, with twenty carefully tuned analogue resonant -12dB/octave Sallen-Key filters to give definition to low, low mid, mid, high mid and high voices.

Depth of filtering and output level have dedicated controls and bipolar CV inputs, allowing creative uses such as sidechain compression and rhythmic filtering. The twenty-one individual inputs forgo level controls as this can be controlled at the VCA stage of each voice, saving on doubling up and wasting space. The static stereo pan positions are chosen so the stereo image is wider for higher frequency voices, giving your mix solidity in the low end and width in the highs.


  • Width: 14hp
  • Depth: 25mm
  • Power: +12V: 150mA -12V: 150mA +5V: 0mA