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Welcome to Steep St - An art space masquerading as a retail store. We sell loose leaf tea, ancient remedies, modular synthesisers, indoor plants, art books and more. But there's more to us than that.


Our space encourages experimentation with audio and video synthesis. You're more than welcome to come in, sit down and loose yourself in the audio and video synthesisers we have on our demo stations.

As well as selling modular synthesisers for making music and art with, we also put on shows, host workshops and more.



Our loose leaf tea and tisanes are sourced from an incredible array of tea specialists throughout Australia. We also stock Ancient Remedies, Mushroom Powders and Dusts, tea accessories and ceramics.

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Our indoor plant nursery stocks a wide range of interesting and hard to find indoor plant life. We will also be holding workshops on how to care for these intelligent lifeforms, Kokedama and plant manipulated synthesis.

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Our space has an old heavy duty CHUBB safe in it which is submissions from artists who want to take up the challenge and transform it into an immersive environment.

We thrive on experimentation and collaboration, and are focusing heavily on installation, sound and video art.

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Our store

84 Bathurst Road
Katoomba, NSW

Trading Hours
Mon / Thur / Fri
: 10:30am - 4:30pm
Tues - Wed
Sat - Sun : 10:30am - 3:30pm

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