A Complete Visual Instrument
Vidiot is a complete instrument for analog video synthesis and processing. Everything you need to connect to a display and create video art is in the box.

Past Tech Made New
We worked with video synthesis visionary Dan Bucciano to bring the design philosophy of the 1970's into a totally new and groundbreaking device for video artists.

Eurorack Synthesis Compatibility
Vidiot is fully compatible with all existing LZX EuroRack video synth modules. Like our modules, any audio or control voltage source can be patched to any of its 13 patch inputs.



  • 2 analog discrete-core VCOs, one dedicated to horizontal pattern elements, and the other dedicated to vertical pattern elements. 3 waveshapes from each oscillator: Sine, Triangle and Square. Dedicated sync inputs and bypass switches.
  • Noise output includes ultra-wide spectrum white noise for television static and snow effects.
  • Dual concentric control knobs provide CV level and offset in the same footprint as a single knob.
  • Process the grayscale range of external video or internally generated patterns, with dedicated voltaged controlled sections for Brightness, Contrast and Detail. Keyer controlled functions include negative and solarize effects. Dedicated video output.
  • Colorize external video or internally generated patterns, with dedicated voltaged controlled sections for Red, Green and Blue. Keyer controlled functions include full color negative and selectable single color negative effects. Dedicated composite video and 1V RGB outs.
  • 2 hard key generators with adjustable threshold levels, each dedicated to the Luminance Processor and Colorizer effect sections.
  • Symmetry knob controls the mix of horizontal and vertical VCO outputs. Three two dimensional shape outputs: Circle, Diamond and Crosshatch.
  • Dual 8 position rotary switches select modulation sources for the Luminance Processor and Colorizer, enabling quick access to most of the instrument’s features without patch cables.


  • Vidiot
  • 16-page User Manual
  • Vinyl Sticker
  • 5VDC 1.2A Universal Input Voltage Power Adapter (includes plugs for US, UK, EU, Australia and China)
  • Video RCA Cable (5 ft / 1.5M length)
  • 2x Patch Cables (6 inch lengths, 1 red, 1 blue
  • Stereo Audio RCA Input Adapter
  • Official Vidiot Birthday Party Hat