Serpens Modular

Hyrdrus (Waveform Mutator)


Tired of having to use the same old wave forms over and over again? Then unlock the full potential of your LFOs, oscillators and envelopes with the Hydrus, the latest all analog design from cult Australian manufacturer Serpens Modular.

The Hydrus is a simple yet powerful utility that allows users to mash together up to 3 separate CV or audio inputs to create a wide range of bespoke waveforms. Unlike traditional wave shaping tools the Hydrus doesn't fold or multiply incoming signals, and instead it combines them to create something unique that is a direct descendant of the 'parent' wave forms.

This is done by passing the inputs through a half wave rectifier circuit that is then modified on each channel using an attenuverter and a DC offset. These modifiers are important as a traditional half wave rectifier would leave each channel locked to the negative and positive voltage ranges, limiting the usability of the circuit in traditional CV and audio rate applications.

By adding these to each channel we've unlocked the full power of the min/max and turned it a indispensable utility for creating complex modulation sources and unique oscillator wave forms. Functionality is further enhanced with the addition of a third output which sums and inverts channels one and two to create yet another unique waveform.

The Hydrus is designed and hand built in Melbourne, Australia.