Schippmann Music

CS-8 Series VCF1E 'ebbe & flut' Multimodal Filter


The CS-8 VCF1E is a very versatile, fully analogue, programmable and voltagecontrolled filter (VCF). It is capable of processing all sorts of audio signals. It is designed for mounting into a 3U Eurorack with an internal +/- 12V power supply.

Basically, two modes are possible. The classical filter mode with 12 selectable different functions (low-, high,- band-passes) and the phaser mode with also 12 phaser-sounding combining modes (4x phaser-, 2x low-, 2x high,- 4x band-passes).

For the classic filter mode 3 different resonance modes are available, where each of these generate for each filter function again different sound impressions. So, there is no rule how to sound a certain selected resonance mode. It depends on the selected function.

With a further 4-pos. rotary switch the resonance emphasize is dialable, which provides further sound nuances. This is also equipollent to the amplitude of the self-oscillation. An illuminated tactile switch allows to add a unique 2nd harmonic distortion to the resonance sound.

The frequency range (cutoff) goes from 2 Hz to 40 kHz. A gain controller allows input-to-output gains from -20 db to 0 db. A clip LED light up just before output clipping.