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CS-8 Series VCF-02 'ebbe & flut' VC Multimodal Filter


The CS-8 VCF02 is a very versatile, fully analogue, programmable and voltagecontrolled filter (VCF). It is capable of processing all sorts of audio signals. It is designed for mounting into a 3U Eurorack with an internal +/- 12V power supply.

This module is capable of producing 121 different filter types (27 low-pass, 18 high-pass, 13 band-pass, and 63 all-pass/notch/phase-type filters). External control voltages can be used to control all functions, thus the CS-8 VCF02 can be remote-controlled by sequencers, foot pedals/switches etc. The CS-8 VCF02 features some unique and very powerful functions that are entirely new to voltage-controlled filter modules such as emphasize, 2nd harmonic distortion, and drop.

The CS-8 VCF02 features a unique “layer cake” design. This way, its installation depth is reduced to a minimum, compared to other Eurorack modules.