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CS-8 Series DTG Dual Precision Transient Generator


The DTG of the CS-8 series is a very flexible and precise fully analogue dual-transientgenerator, with two time bases, each. One of it generates the analog transient waveform, the other provides either a Gate signal (0 V - +5 V) of definite length, independently of the input gate length or outputs (externally switchable) the incoming Gate transition by a definite delay time (Delay).

All times, Gate length/delay, Attack, Decay, Release as well as the Sustain level are externally voltage controllable. The Transient generator and also the Gate can be reset to 0 V output voltage, separately, via a jack. A Hold input allows to "freeze" immediately the current voltage output state of the transient output until enabling again. A Decay-Active output becomes "high" active (+5 V) during the Decay phase. Moreover, it is possible by a jack to set the Sustain lev el between -10 V and +10 V, meaning after achieving the regular final value of the attack phase (+5V) the transient output will further rise to the higher Sustain level above (>+5 V) asymptotically with the Decay time (second attack phase).

The concept is well-rounded by a high-end-VCA for continuously negative/positive output of the transient waveform from -5 V (inverse) crossing the exact zero to +10 V final attack value.