Schippmann Music

CS-8 Series COOK 'ebbe & flut' Compressor


The CS-8 COOK is a more persuasive VCA mono compressor with softknee characteristic and adjustable Side Chain input. It is based on the known "ebbe und flut" architecture, where only one knob controls the Threshold, Make-up Gain and Ratio at the same time. It is designed for mounting into a 3U Eurorack with an internal +/- 12V power supply.

Compared to the "ebbe und flut" the time constant (Attack/Release) is now continuously adjustable over a wide range and moreover another peculiarity is added one not meet in ordinary compressor designs, the parameter "Response". This generates an overshooting, adjustable in 4 steps (height of oversh oot), of th e RMS-converter in case of dynamic ch anges of th e input signal. By adjusting the time constant with the rhythmic timing very strong pumping and compression effects are possible. Furthermore this compressor is perfectly suitable as a bass-compressor down to lowest sub-frequencies.

Definitely a fun maker with a superior dynamic range!