Verbos Electronics

Polyphonic Envelope


The Polyphonic Envelope from Verbos Electronics is a unique set of 4 Attack-Hold-Decay envelope generators which can be used together or independently. Cascade logic allows the 4 envelopes to trigger sequentially in 3 modes with subsequent envelopes starting at the Hold, Decay or End of the previous envelope. Each envelope has its own Gate input, CV output and End Pulse output, allowing them to be used in up to 4 voice polyphonic patches or patches combining the Cascades and independent gating of them. Although nominally controlled from one set of sliders, Skew controls allow the times to change as each new envelope turns on. Also a facility is provided to make the envelope one’s level be 10 volts and get lower as they Cascade or start lower and end at 10 volts by the 4th envelope. All parameters, of course, can be voltage controlled.


  • Width: 22hp
  • Weight: 180g
  • Power: +12v 75mA, -12v 30mA

Pre Order Info

Available for Pre-Order. ETA is unknown. Will be sent we received them. We will update you as we get updated.