Issue #6 - Anima Mundi


Plethora Magazine issue #6 Anima Mundi ventures into the deep jungle of biodiversity in search of a common World Soul - the fundamental interconnectivity between all living creatures, our shared ecologies and the collective unconscious that animates our natural coexistence.


  • Joseph Cornell
  • Hiroshi Sugimoto
  • Carsten Höller
  • Walton Ford
  • Diego Rivera
  • Søren Solkær
  • Philippe Baudelocque
  • Ernst Haeckel
  • Werner Herzog & Popol Vuh.
  • EXTRA - Triptych of Hieronymus Bosch, The Garden of Earthly Delights, ca. 1510


  • Printed by Narayana Press Yoga Ashram
  • Limited edition of 1000 copies
  • Format: 70.5 x 50.5 cm, 52 pages
  • 150g off-set paper
  • Handmade archival folder in fibre carton
  • Ribbon closure with hand-stitched gold detailing.


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