XOR Electronics

NerdSEQ (Black)


The Nerdseq is a tracker based cv and trigger sequencer module (32HP) for Eurorack systems.

It consists 6 tracks for the CV/Trigger/MOD generation of 18 outputs. 4 User assignable inputs, clock and reset in/outputs and 2 x 2 audio tracks to sequence samples and the integrated oscillators and FM synthesis. As the worlds first hardware tracker it allows straightforward and fast editing together with nice live playing abilities.


  • 8 Tracks -> 6 CV/Trigger/Gate, 2×2 sample tracks for 2 audio outputs
  • 239 Sequencer rows
  • 175 Patterns with each 64 (and less) Steps
  • flexible and comfortable arrangement of patterns
  • Capable for advanced song arrangements as well as live access to patterns
  • Euclidean Rhythm input for Trigger Expander
  • 176 Patches
  • 32 Tables with 16 (and less) steps
  • 8 Automation slots (LFO/Modulations)
  • 8 ADSR Envelopes – 12 Sample slots – Sample support for RAW 8 bit mono and WAV 8/16 bit, Mono/Stereo – 4 Oscillators with Sine, Triangle, Sawtooth, Pulse, Noise Waveforms – 4 Operator FM Synthesis – Projects as many as the SD card can hold – Launchpad Integration – With expansions up to 64 additional outputs sequenceable – Midi multitrack / multichannel polyphonic sequencing with all midi features and additional modulation
  • and much more


  • Width: 32HP
  • Depth: 25mm
  • Power: ~150mA(+12V), ~32mA (-12V), 0mA(5V)


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