TABØR Avalanche Oscillator


TABØR is a rhythmic analogue sound and CV source based on the unpredictability of four avalanche transistors oscillators in a continuous oscillation state.

These unpredictable core oscillators are related to each other and their charge and discharge cycle creates complex rhythmic textures that can be controlled and triggered with external CV inputs to add more contamination.


  • Four avalanche oscillators with frequency pulse and cross-modulation controls.
  • CV inputs on all the parameters.
  • Starve input to restrict the amount of power supplied to the oscillators.
  • Color-coded LEDs to provide clear visual reference for the state of each oscillator.
  • Three outputs: TR for gates, NM for audio, and ZZ for a smoothed fuzz output.
  • Reverse power protection.


  • Width: 12HP
  • Depth: 25mm
  • Power: 140mA +12V • 40mA -12V