GITGUD - 9 chained LFOs


GITGUD is a pack of 9 individual LFOs – 5 squares and 4 triangle waves.

• To move stuff all around.
• To creatively trigger drums and voltage-controlled gates.
• To change the whole vibe of a composition with just a slide on the surface.
• To create dependencies on a group of modulations and defuse them un-chaining the LFOs on the fly.

• Filters – create a relation between the cutoff and the resonance.
• Drums – send a pulse to the trigger input and a triangle to modulate another parameter.
• LPGs – squares to make them BONG and triangles for slow linear increments.
• FM or any other CV inputs you want it to take care of.


  • 9 individual analog LFOs with toggle switches to chain them.
  • Individual touch potentiometers to set the rate.
  • Frequency range from 0.25 Hz - 15 BPM to 20 Hz - 1.200 BPM.
  • Single board design – extremely skiff friendly.
  • “Whatever” power connector a.k.a. don’t mind the polarity.