GETREKT Wave Squarifier


GETREKT is a full analogue waveshaper – an aggressive one.

• To add saturation and harmonics.
• To disrupt – folding - and cut into pieces - clipping.
• To generate square waves from other control voltage signals or audio sources.
• To invert the polarity of a trigger or other kind of pulses.

• Sine waves – hear them scream.
• Human voices – fracture them in pieces with clipping as a good ol’ broken tape would do.
• Complex audio sources – to control and flatten them.
• Envelopes going to a drum module – rectify or fold that decay tail.


  • Clipping and folding analog waveshaper circuit.
  • Touch Controls on the amount of effect and PWM.
  • Reactive CV inputs on both parameters
  • Inverts the polarity of any given input.
  • Works with audio and CV sources.
  • Single board design – extremely skiff friendly.
  • "Whatever” power connector a.k.a. don’t mind the polarity.


  • Width: 4HP
  • Depth: 18mm
  • Power: 35mA +12V • 30mA -12V