Expert Sleepers

FH-2 'factotum'


The FH-2 is an 8HP Eurorack module combining the following functions:

MIDI to CV conversion including polyphonic and MPE operation.

  • The FH-2 is simultaneously a USB MIDI host, a USB MIDI device, and also supports traditional 5-pin DIN MIDI.
  • Support for drum triggers including triggers with velocity or accents.
  • Support for automatic VCO calibration (similar to that in Silent Way).
Clock generation and synchronisation.
  • MIDI clock (in and out), analogue clock (in and out), or internal clock (BPM or tap tempo).
LFO generation, including tempo-synced LFOs.
Euclidean pattern generator Sequencers CV to MIDI conversion Preset storage

The FH-2 has 8 high precision CV outputs, expandable to 64 with the FHX-8CV Expander. Up to 64 additional gate/trigger/clock outputs can also be added with the FHX-8GT Gate Expander.

The module can be completely configured via its own UI, but a convenient web-based configuration tool is also available here, which communicates with the module directly via MIDI SysEx.

The Manual


  • MIDI keyboard - Up to 16 note polyphonic conversion, with optional pitch/gate/velocity etc. CVs per note. Also features arpeggiation, keyboard splits and more.
  • MPE - Up to 16 simultaneous touches converted with full position/pressure/glide etc. per touch.
  • With a 'groovebox' - Multiple clock outs at different divisions, run/stop triggers etc. Groovebox, FH-2, or another module can be the clock master.
  • With a computer/tablet/phone - All of the above, plus SysEx for configuration of the FH-2.
  • As a clock generator - The FH-2 can operate as the clocking centre of your modular, also generating (syncable) LFOs, with no USB connection.


  • Width: 8hp
  • Depth: 48mm
  • Power: 118mA on the +12V rail, 48mA on the -12V rail plus the power requirement of any attached USB device