A-140-2V Vintage Dual Mini ADSR


The module contains two ADSR type voltage controlled envelope generators with exponential curve shapes (charge/discharge curves of a capacitor) behind a front panel with 8 HP only.

The output voltage range for each envelope is 0 - 10V (10V = attack peak).
The time range of Attack/Decay/Release is about 1ms to 30s.

The basic functions of an ADSR envelope is described in the user's manual of module A-140: A140_man.pdf.
The voltage control of envelope parameters is mentioned in the user's manual of module A-141: A141_man.pdf. But the A-140-2 has only one control voltage input CVT with attenuator available and one has to decide via the jumpers which parameters are controlled by CVT and into which direction.


  • LED (displays the envelope output)
  • A: manual Attack control
  • D: manual Decay control
  • S: manual Sustain control
  • R: manual Release control
  • Gate Input (min. gate level: +5V, max. gate level: +12V)
  • Retrigger Input (min. retrigger level: +5V, max. retrigger level: +12V)
  • CVT Input with attenuator (CVT = CV Time)
  • Envelope Output 1 (normal envelope output)
  • Envelope Output 2 (selectable between normal and inverted envelope by means of an internal jumper)


  • Width: 8HP
  • Depth: 40mm
  • Power: +50 mA (+12V) / -40 mA (-12V)