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Cre8audio NiftyBUNDLE


Cre8audio NiftyBUNDLE

Cre8audio NiftyBUNDLE


The NiftyBUNDLE comes with a whole mess of synthy fun. Case, modules, power, MIDI to CV, and enough patch cables to get into trouble are all included.


The NiftyBUNDLE comes with Cre8audio's rugged metal and wood 84 HP NiftyCASE which comes complete with ample power, MIDI to CV, and more....

Chipz = 2voicez, filterz & extra bitz 

We used to be more like post-apocalyptic raiders rummaging through the remains of wrecked civilization to find choice nuggets of synthy goodness to harvest from old video game consoles and computers. Later we got smart and emulated the heck out of ‘em. Chipz is just that, 2 crazy oscillators, LFOs, and a mondo-bag full of love all in one tiny module.


Touch, sequence, Cellz. Like a stick of butter, but healthier. East past the dessert. Onions are tasty. it does neat things.

Included in the NiftyBUNDLE:

NiftyCASE 15v 2.4A Switching PSU with NA, EU, UK, and AU blades

Box ‘O’ Cables
2x Cre8audio “8” panel blanks

* Please note that the right and left sides of NiftyCASE fit very flush. It is recommended to favor a module with a pcb 1mm or more narrower than it’s front panel for use on the left and right sides of the case (this amount or more of tolerance is fairly common on many modules).