TipTop Audio

Buchla 245t Sequential Voltage Source


TipTop Audio has teamed up with Buchla to faithfully recreate their Model 245t Sequential Voltage Source, bringing the famous five-stage, four-row sequencer into the Eurorack format.

Divided into two sections, the 245t is comprised of a pulser section (a voltage-controlled lock) with transport controls, as well as the main sequencer section, which offers four rows of highly-customisable five-step sequencing.



  • Five-stage sequential voltage source module
  • Eurorack recreation of Buchla's classic 200-series 245
  • Four lanes of five stages, each with their own CV positioning and outputs
  • Select each stage via a pulse input or sweep/jump through stages via the analog CV input
  • Loop at different stages via the input jack switches
  • Each stage sends a pulse output at the top of the module
  • Advance to the next stage with an external pulse/clock via the advance in
  • Internal clock features a rate control as well as a modulation input and attenuverter
  • Manually or CV control the start and stop of the internal clock
  • Pulser clock features a pulse output as well as a reference saw wave output
  • Pulser's pulse width or "length" can be set or modulated via CV
  • Banana jacks replaced with 3.5mm minijacks for full Eurorack integration


  • Width: 30hp
  • Depth: 25mm
  • Power: +12V 63mA / -12V 28mA
  • https://tiptopaudio.com/manuals/Buchla_&_Tiptop_Audio_245t.pdf