Flurry - Noise and Random Voltage Generator


Flurry collects and connects a number of practical modular synthesis tools, focussed on clocks, noises, and randomness to create a module that is rife with opportunities for exploration and experimentation.  Equally capable as a synthesis source, modulator, clock, or signal modifier;  It is bound to find a way to bring new life and dimensions to your synth patches.   


  • A clock and random pulse source with adjustable and modulatable rate
  • Accurate pink and white noise sources
  • Analog sample & hold and track & hold circuits with very low droop
  • Analog slew with adjustable slew time and edge selection (rising edge, falling edge, or both)
  • Envelope follower
  • 16 noise synthesis algorithms, each with 2 parameters.


  • WIDTH: 8HP
  • DEPTH: 34mm
  • POWER: 116mA @ +12V 30mA @ -12V

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