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TAISHIRO Culinary Matcha

Zen Wonders

TAISHIRO Culinary Matcha

TAISHIRO Culinary Matcha


Bright, robust and fragrant Culinary Matcha, designed to create delicious Matcha latte, fresh creams, desserts and all sorts of baked goods.

For more specifications on all our grades please refer to their Grades Chart.

TAISHIRO is a great all-rounder Matcha for all kinds of culinary uses.

If you're looking for an affordable, bright green Matcha that pairs perfectly with milk, cake mixes, pastries and fresh fillings look no further.

Flavour profile: Robust and full-bodied with strong Matcha fragrance and moderate bitterness.

Origin: Uji, Kyoto (Japan)

Storage: Seal pouch immediately after use and store in a cool dry place, away from moisture and strong odors.