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Silver Tips


Silver Tips

Silver Tips


Silver Tips is a truly special tea, made up of only the youngest Sri Lankan leaf buds harvested by hand. Upon picking, the leaves are simply left to air dry, resulting in a delicate silver needle shaped leaf, somewhat downy in appearance. The aroma of the dried buds is intoxicating and the liquor is both delicate and refreshing. Pekoebrew are cautious and particular in sourcing this tea as offering Silver Tips without matching the above calibre is a crime. With limited supply each year, and to ensure a great quality brew, it is essential that Silver Tips is sourced by someone who knows the right someone. Luckily through PekoeBrew, you know this someone...

Silver Tips is best enjoyed when you have the time to sit back and relax. Being a white tea, heat your water to just 75 degrees Celsius and brew for 6 minutes. No milk or sugar is required for this, the most elegant of teas.