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Phoenix Honey Orchid - Oolong Tea

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Phoenix Honey Orchid - Oolong Tea

Phoenix Honey Orchid - Oolong Tea


The area around Chaozhou city is famous for producing Dancong tea, a variety of Oolong that has approximately 18 different aroma sub-varieties, each with its own unique flavour and characteristics. Honey Orchid (Mi Lan Xiang) is the most popular type of Dancong Oolong tea.


A sweet and floral fragrance with flavour notes of lychee, vanilla and honey. A smooth texture and satisfying mouth-fill with a lingering sweet after taste, if brewed correctly, there is little to no bitterness or astringency to this tea. Whilst the tea tastes great with a standard teapot steep, it really benefits from brewing Gong-Fu style, with each infusion highlighting a different characteristic of the tea. The first infusion highlights its floral fragrance; the second and third highlights the lychee and stone fruit flavours. Subsequent infusions show off the honey-like sweetness and oolong flavour of the tea.