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KOHIKI Premium Culinary Matcha

Zen Wonders

KOHIKI Premium Culinary Matcha

KOHIKI Premium Culinary Matcha



The intense fragrance and bright green colour of KOHIKI Culinary Matcha make this blend ideal for premium latte drinks, cold brew, cocktails and high-end patisserie.

For more specifications on all our grades please refer to their Grades Chart.

KOHIKI is the latest addition to Zen Wonders' Culinary Matcha range, developed to take your Matcha Latte to the next level.

Produced with tea leaves that have been picked during the first harvest of the season, this premium culinary blend showcases a bright cue of green and a remarkable fresh fragrance that makes it particularly suitable for Matcha Latte, Cold Brew Matcha and premium fresh desserts.

Flavour profile: Robust and full-bodied with sweet undertones, strong Matcha fragrance and light astringency.

Origin: Uji, Kyoto (Japan)