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FUKAMUSHI 01 : Deep-Steamed Green Tea

Zen Wonders

FUKAMUSHI 01 : Deep-Steamed Green Tea

FUKAMUSHI 01 : Deep-Steamed Green Tea



Fukamushi is a wonderful and unique green tea, characterised by a bold, rich sweet taste and a thick mouthfeel. Its inviting flavour is a true revelation for green tea fans.

Standard Japanese green teas leaves are usually steamed for about 30 sec immediately after picking to stop oxidation. Fukamushi Sencha is produced by steaming the leaves for twice as long, reducing any sharp grassy taste and astringency in the finished tea.

The longer steaming process considerably softens the tea leaves, resulting in a finished tea that appears broken and much finer than standard Sencha and that requires shorter steeping time due to the easier extraction of flavour.

Zen Wonders' Fukamushi Sencha is produced using tea leaves picked during the first flush of the Spring season (Ichiban Cha).

Flavour profile: Forestry well-rounded grassy flavour, rich, sweet with no astringency.

Origin: Uji, Kyoto (Japan)