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Duck Poop Dancong (2019)

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Duck Poop Dancong (2019)

Duck Poop Dancong (2019)


The area around Chaozhou city is famous for producing Dancong tea, a variety of Oolong that has approximately 18 different aroma sub-varieties, each with its own unique flavour and characteristics. Duck Poop Dancong is a wonderfully aromatic (in a nice way), floral type of Dancong with a lovely sweetness and creamy texture.


The story goes, back in the day, when the farmers in the mountains of Chao Zhou first discovered this cultivar, they were amazed by the natural floral aromas and depth of flavour of this tea. As the soil that the tea was growing in was known as “duck poo soil” due to its yellow colour, and also, to deter any curious passers-by from stealing any of these special plants, the farmers named this type of Dancong “duck poo fragrance”, aka ya shi xiang (鴨屎香).


A wonderfully floral and aromatic tea with a rich, sweet taste. The thick, creamy and smooth texture helps leave a long, lingering floral after-taste with a hint of fruitiness on your palate. A supple mouth-fill with a medium to full body, when brewed in the traditional gong-fu style, the tea gets progressively stronger with each subsequent infusion.