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While it is not a true tea, Chill is still very close to our hearts. After years of haphazard experimenting (Jason will forever be a scientist!) we landed here. A jack of all trades, this tisane will help give penance for your overeating sins, provide sweetness in your sugar free diet or safe solace in this crazy world. A brew, made entirely of organically grown ingredients, you can tailor it to suit exactly what you are looking for. Brew it longer for a sweeter aftertaste or use a larger serving for a more minty cut-through to ease the belly or add more of the chamomile to unwind before bedtime.

To enjoy Chill, bring your water to 100 degrees Celsius and then brew anywhere between 4-6 minutes depending on your taste preference at the time. For a refreshing summer time drink, go the cold brew route by adding 2 heaped tablespoons of Chill to 1 litre of cold water and pop in the fridge overnight.